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DELTA mechanical and electrical products packs the application in machine in ice
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In food package machine, demand of technology of automation of machine of ice-cream fill outfit is higher. Machine of ice-cream fill outfit asks every fill installs labour potential energy to be answered quickly quite, quick action: Inside 1.5 seconds ten movements allow to be finished truly. The servo technology that the article is based on DELTA company, man-machine interface technology and PLC technology install the detailed application in machine to make systematic introduction in ice-cream fill.
Key word: Man-machine interface (HMI) can make up Cheng controller (PLC) A series servo (ASD)

1 foreword

The stage is used to amount to the easy communication function between mechanical and electrical products on machine of ice-cream fill outfit, came true advocate transmission electric machinery and garland electric machinery are opened directly on feeling screen / stop with timing, came true servo and advocate the speed between electric machinery follows. Make the operation that operates personnel intuitionistic and convenient. The PR pattern that uses a stage to amount to servo (in-house and multistage positional mode) , client mechanism garland becomes electric control, the distance of garland and speed can be adjusted on feeling screen by final user. Make garland pattern of the client adjusts the advantage that change agile. Improved manufacturing efficiency greatly.

Machine of ice-cream fill outfit basically divides composition by 4 ministries normally:

(1) advocate transmission part. Advocate transmission uses output of intermittent type reducer casing to drive chain wheel drive, drive carry board undertake chasing is versed in a stock carry, advocate 2.2KW of transmission electric machinery, use control of DELTA transducer timing, the decelerate of reducer casing compares for 30: 1, advocate electric machinery turns 30 rounds reducer casing is outputted 1 round, carry board shift is versed in, reducer casing can have the idle stroke of an about 1.5 seconds later, leave each work have all sorts of craft actions. Advocate the transducer that transmission uses uses standard MODBUS agreement and PLC news report with 485 means, changed measure pilot way formerly with switch, this kind of control can undertake opening stopping control and timing directly on feeling screen, a variety of condition surveillance. Dispense with be measured through imitate or outside the loaded down with trivial details that receives potentiometer to accuse, it is good that exterior wiring wants two screens line only, because in-house process designing uses a stage to amount to electric product entirely, use only read / write two instructions to go. Stabilize simply.

(2) fill holds a share. The fill outfit that fill outfit arranges point-blank by ten partly is versed in a composition, carry out different control by corresponding gas a powerful person, PLC receives coder of acceptor acceptor drive to convey the angle signal that come over (360 lines, correspondence carries cycle) , the stage amounts to the control center that ES series PLC is whole machine, be worth those who dominate a powerful person or family to leave according to the angle of set shut.
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