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ESL technology heats up fill to pack the application in production in PET bottle
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ESL (Extended Shelf Life) the technology is to show the provision that uses modernization lasts technology, the product is saved in the oldest rate fresh below spent condition, the bacterial content that reduces a product, degenerative odds reachs the manufacturing technology that extends product expiration period. The technology that produces ESL product had been in early 1960 North America existed, basically use at producing the product with current slow rate at that time, be like agitate butter and coffee butter. This technology has expanded now other is tall additional cost product and domain of groovy water articles for use. The manufacturing processing technique that the ESL that pays close attention to extensively with getting currently suckles is exemple, ESL technology includes fill of the quality control from bovine field sanitation, raw milk, antiseptic craft, ESL to install treatment method, treatment facilities of crucial point control, treatment and finished product store carry deserves to send wait for a series of link to carry out microbial barrier strictly to control a technology, what carry a product in order to achieve is fresh degree reach the security that raises microbial level, lengthen the purpose of product expiration period.

The antiseptic condition that improves a product and the wholesome grade that improve fill furnish equipment are the very important segment in ESL technology. Among them ESL fill installs a technology, call again exceed clean fill to install a technology, it is the principle according to microbial barrier technology and theory of HACCP quality control, use clean fill furnish to have, in fill up the environment falls cleanly, the stock of will antiseptic qualification fills up in clean bag capable person, achieve the goal that extends product expiration period thereby. ESL fill is able to apply in the production that outfit technology suckles in ESL not only, in PET bottle beverage in recent years hot fill is installed also be able to popularize stage by stage in production, the applied limits that makes PET bottle heats up fill to install a technology thereby is able to extend ceaselessly and outspread.

In PET bottle ESL hot fill installs a technology in, need considers to package data mainly (bottle and lid) of space of outfit of disinfection, fill purify, fill furnish equipment is external of passageway of outfit of fill of cleanness and disinfection, stock clean and relevant personnel pollutes control to wait for segment of a lot of technology in disinfection and unit process of cargo bandling.

1.The disinfection of the material that pack

In PET bottle the outfit that heat up fill is produced in, the packing material that contacts directly with stock basically is PET bottle and cap. PET empty bottle just was being blown make when coming out, what its take bacterium colony number is less, but because blow,make the empty bottle oneself that go out contain electrostatic, the dirt in extremely easy adsorptive air, and dirt is microbial good carrier, accordingly empty bottle is storing the meeting in the process is polluted microbially, the packing means that its pollute degree and PET and store bottle environment is concerned. The PET bottle that is used at ESL to heat up fill to install and cap need choice pack way reasonably and dominate the data that pack strictly store movement condition. In the meantime, alexipharmic processing must be passed before production is used. In technology design, the craft requirement that needs the choice that according to packaging data initiative microbial pollution degree decides disinfectant breed, disinfectant to use and alexipharmic means.
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