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Mass flow plan the actual application in line of outfit of fill of bucket outfit
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In outfit of the bucket in chemical industry and food industry liquid fill is installed very general, hold an amount to the fill of medium above (10Kg above) , fill installs means to use an electron to say to weigh type and flowmeter type commonly, among them the electron says serious way home already had many application, as a result of the development of flowmeter technology, especially a few this years we use mass flow plan metric successful experience, we think the outfit of high accuracy fill of medium capacity above uses mass flow plan metric more reasonable, one when introduce us to be developed independently now uses mass flow plan high accuracy is metric strong corrode agglutinant liquid automatic product line, this line covers a bucket to install liquid fill to pack the each respect function of the line almost, have typical sense.
2, fill installs product line overview
2.1 stock character reachs craft condition
1) fill installs stock temperature: 5~35 ℃
2) stock density: Organic acid makes an appointment with 1.2g/cm3, organic acid salt to make an appointment with 1.3g/cm3
3) stock viscosity: Organic acid makes an appointment with 50CP, organic acid salt to make an appointment with 150CP
4) feed pipe inlet pressure: ≥ 0.2Mpa, fluctuant limits ± 10%
5) cycle unit accords with GMP sanitation to ask
Fill holds a size: 25L (square bucket) ; 200L (drum) ; 1000L (IBC bucket)
Fill installs precision: (quality precision) : 0.1% , fill outfit precision accords with Europe " OIML R61-1 1996 Issue " standard
Fill holds rate: 25L bucket (30Kg) : 6 pails / minute; 200L bucket (250 Kg) : 1 pail / minute; 1000L bucket (1200 Kg) : 1 pail / 4 minutes
2.2 technological process
Empty bucket is arranged -- empty bucket holds class into fill -- detect locate -- fill outfit head drops -- fill outfit a powerful person is opened -- begin fill to install -- mass measure -- arrive at 90% × (set is worth - compensation is worth) -- decrescent of control valve reduce expenditure -- arrive at 100% ×
2.3 fill install systematic overview
System of whole fill outfit has mass flow plan, the composition such as system of actuator of head of outfit of control a powerful person, fill, bracket, slideway, pneumatic, control (see the principle pursues)
(1) fill installs systematic precision
Precision of fill outfit system basically depends on mass flow plan the stable rate of speed of outfit of precision, fill and system.
(2) control of inflow-rate of water turbine
When fill is installed, quantity of actual fill outfit is more than mass flow for certain plan set discharge, must adopt the set of PLC program, requirement flowmeter gives out what signal will control fill to hold a powerful person to shut ahead of schedule, make sure actual fill installs quantity and mass flow thereby plan set quantity is consistent.

(3) flow control (fill outfit speed is controlled)
Install systematic precision to assure fill, the fill of fill outfit system installs speed design to be speed second gear, flow control valve installs the speed of speed through controlling fill of discharge size automata. Open degree of exact amount to won't affect fill to install precision as a result of what should dominate a powerful person or family, use at present the self-adjusting a powerful person on the market, already cost is high and huge installation inconvenience needs bulk again raise control requirement, so flow control valve employs 3 when design by oneself butterfly a powerful person, namely the biggest are spent (complete open) , 1/3 leaves degree (but manual set and adjust) , shut completely, its advantage is outstanding, performance is steady.
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