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The process of character of beverage of tea of chrysanthemum of outfit of PET ho
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Chrysanthemum is the medicinal material in our country tradition, there already were 2000 old application histories in our country. Chrysanthemum tea service has be good at stomach to aerate, San Fengqing heat, smooth liver bright purpose effect, can become tea drink, clear heat is divided irritated, solution heats up dispel heat, it is one kind gets beverage of health care of broad consumer gay. In recent years, as the popularity of cool and refreshing beverage, beverage of tea of chrysanthemum of the outfit that heat up fill is in our country southern very suffer consumer to welcome, the Fujian market 2006 appeared even " chrysanthemum tea " brand big fight. Below, the author passes the summary analysis of pair of real works, the process that explains PET heats up fill to hold character of chrysanthemum tea beverage controls measure.
One, the technological process of beverage of tea of chrysanthemum of outfit of PET hot fill
1.Chrysanthemum dip promotes technology

2.Allocate fill to install technology (see a magazine)
2, handpick and high grade former complementary material
Chrysanthemum is to shrink a herb, annual after Frost's descent, the flower withers, ground upside divides wither, subterranean part waits for beginning of spring of the coming year to send new shoot later. The chrysanthemum of our country has many variety, among them with Hang Baiju grow an area the widest (about 115 thousand mus) , yield is top (about twelve thousand five hundred tons) .
Chrysanthemum is a kind of produce, its origin and breed spend tea character to be able to have certain effect to chrysanthemum, should try to control. Choice of appropriate of beverage of manufacturing chrysanthemum tea is much breed answer deserves to mediate, and unfavorable use onefold variety.
3, carry out process character strictly to control measure and control demand
1.Before allocating, affirm:
(1) by " clean alexipharmic operating rules " handle to what using equipment to undertake CIP and COP, fill in " CIP cleans alexipharmic record sheet " .
(2) production affirms with water water quality: By " water treatment craft asks " use RO water to detect to producing place eligible and rear can use; Unqualified inform production of the ministry, adopt measure to give instantly correct, qualification just can be used. Fill in " heat fills up beverage production detects with water record " . (3) mesh / filter bag admits really: The examination allocates coal tub to export mesh / eye of filter bag installation is counted (1m) correct, valve switch is correct.
(4) condense fluid defrost to admit really: Condense fluid defrost job to want to be controlled strictly (be sure to keep hold larger ice cube, cannot appear the circumstance with defrost exorbitant temperature) , make allocate material temperature to achieve 20 ℃ left and right sides to be optimal.
(5) condense fluid to admit really: The examination is used condense fluid to produce date, unit amount and the name or description of a commodity whether accord with the requirement, check whether to have damaged and pollution, affirm as good as constant rear can project makings production. The inspissation that uses to ensure fluid character, requirement: The bucket should be chased to detect before ① every canister is allocated condense fluid PH value, transmitance, odour, record at " monitoring of tea beverage character " ; ② when necessary, should match galley proof, detect condense fluid transmitance;
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