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Beverage of fruit juice, tea heats up fill to install machine technology to intr
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Beverage of fruit juice, tea uses outfit of tall tepid fill and cold asepsis fill to install two kinds of methods normally, because a lot of condition is restricted, what domestic company uses generally is former. The craft requirement of beverage of the fruit juice that make, tea is strict, character of the operation sex of the engineering technology that installs from PET bottle fill, product line, drink is compared integratedly what wait in light of, choosing hot fill to install technology is relatively economy and reliable. Maintain after ultra-high-temperature sterilizing of instantaneous of UHT of classics of beverage of fruit juice of requirement of the outfit that heat up fill, tea in 85 ℃ ~ one between 95 ℃ decides a value, and inside very short time fill holds an end, belong to outfit of high temperature fill. General carbonic acid kind the beverage that contain gas, fill outfit is calm bit-type or ration more model, stock is apart from opening to always have certain space. And beverage of fruit juice, tea, produce the drink of hypostasis raw ingredient especially, requirement stock is full
Buccal fill is installed, namely all the time fill arrives bottle glibly, such making that air of the remain inside bottle is few, can ensure beverage oneself is oxidized not easily, can make beverage maintains its quality for a long time thereby. The function that because heat up fill outfit to want to have high temperature fill,fill of outfit, glibly packs, this deserves to have automatic circulatory system with respect to the requirement, stock of facilitating low temperature heats circularly reach CIP to be cleaned circularly. The outfit that heat up fill should have following functions.

Outfit of card opening fill and carry. Heat-resisting PET bottle is when outfit of high temperature fill, biaxial stretching PET heats the meeting is contractive, shrinkage is 1 % ~ commonly 3 % , and bottleneck place strength is the greatest, calorie of opening is used when this is installed with respect to requirement fill orientation way is most logical, outside avoiding body to get, strength effect happens be out of shape. In the meantime, fill installs in good condition drink, use calorie of opening to carry, can avoid body to get of vibration and extruding stock spill over.

Glibly fill is installed. At present fill of domestic commonly used heat installs machine fill to install a method to have two kinds, one kind is the type of company of similar Italy TECH-ITAL and PROCO MAC company, the passageway entering fluid of fill outfit a powerful person and circumfluence passageway are to divide a pace to open, shut; Another kind is the type of similar Taiwan company, the passageway entering fluid of fill outfit a powerful person and circumfluence passageway are synchronism leaves, shut. We go up in the base that has be digestived adequately absorption to foreign technology, rich is collected numerous long, development designed distinctive hot fill to install machine fill to hold a powerful person. Fill installs mouth of perfusion of stock of a powerful person to have two, in core of a powerful person most bottom, heads of such core of a powerful person take up the space of opening position is very few, when fill is installed, fill installs a powerful person to insert opening interior, when fill outfit should end, because fill loads the passageway entering fluid of a powerful person and circumfluence channel,be cent pace and ordinal shut, a powerful person leaves opening, the volume that its hold, will complement by the beverage inside circumfluence passageway perfusion, can make sure beverage is replete and whole so bottle, namely glibly fill outfit. Same, mouth of our fill outfit a powerful person needs to decrease adjust gaskets to still can realize fluid fill outfit.
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