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Contented beer fill installs higher wholesome and safe demand
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Wholesome to food safety pays close attention to the masses more and more, also packed a machine to there is higher demand in wholesome and safe respect to food. Plastic bearing has the new-style project that comes from company of German Yi Gesi self-lubricating, avoid maintain, anti-corrosive, safe healthful characteristic, special suit at packing a domain, and special agree with beer, beverage fill installs equipment. The working environment of beer beverage machinery is harsher: Damp, often use water to clean, often contact acid, alkaline with strong oxidant, and safeguard inconvenience. Metallic bearing is very easy and rustily, very difficult applicable such operating mode. Now, this kind of new-style project that more and more beverage food equipment produce manufacturer favour to choose Yigesi is plastic bearing product. Famous client of abroad if: KRONES, KHS, SIG, TERA and FUJI PACK. Famous client of home has: In inferior, Nanjing grand of light industrial, express the idea.

Promotion air cylinder
Promoting cylinder is the commonnest unit in equipment of beer canister furnish, the distance is short, running frequency is tall. What use before use Yigesi is covered is banding attrition annulus, as a result of banding the ply error of attrition annulus is big, fixed position plan is small, and suffer temperature the impact is big, suffer the effect of exterior condition easily in use process so, malfunction. Clean in CIP heat especially hind, promote air cylinder to get on next moving that can be ineffective to live, the weather strip that brings about a piston to go up wears away air cylinder leak. Additional, because promote air cylinder interior to lubricate,those who use is rare oil-lubricated, once,promote air cylinder so leak, will produce extremely serious consequence. On one hand, opening is sealed and lax, fill installs not stable, fluid error is big; It is lube is followed on the other hand compress air one case leak comes out, contaminative fill fits an environment, cause serious effect to wholesome production. Yi Gesi project is plastic bearing Iglidur®X solved these problems, it is completely dry move, need not lube, service life is long. Additional, it is highest can be able to bear or endure 250 ℃ high temperature, be able to bear or endure soda acid is corroded, agree with to often be cleaned, precision is tall.

Fill holds a powerful person
What traditional structure uses is lever of a powerful person is covered in lever of a powerful person inside slip, lever of a powerful person and lever of a powerful person are covered sealed use V group, v circle installation covers the head at lever of a powerful person. Lever of a powerful person of demand of this kind of construction and lever of a powerful person are covered between cooperate to be close friends, clearance wants small, but cannot affect again normal and slip, because lever of this a powerful person is covered inside aperture treatment often is used boil pressure. Although such, because lever of a powerful person when the job is side direction to get power, v get power not all, wear away fast; Because lever of a powerful person and lever of a powerful person are covered,be material of akin stainless steel at the same time, qualitative soft, appear easily pull Mao Dao to cause an activity not agile, ultimate effect is sealed, make fill outfit not stable. New design used Yi Gesi Iglidur®J project is plastic sliding bearing, its maintenance-free, self-lubricating, install easily, agree with soft stainless steel axis, cooperate precision tall, assure the stability that this kind of fill installs.
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