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Diversification beverage fill installs aircraft equipment
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As people living standard rise ceaselessly, development of industry of our country beverage is swift and violent, from last centuries 70 time with onefold " soda water " development arrives now a variety of beverage such as tea beverage, function beverage, carbonic acid beverage. The development with swift and violent beverage also drove the ceaseless innovation of mechanical product and development likewise. In the as the mainstream fill in beverage production outfit aircraft equipment rose to comparative sexual action.
Recommend one: Area of Langfang city wide this world liberates solid heart to pack facility plant
Often press fill to install machine GCZ10 point-blank
Product introduction:
GCZ10 often presses fill outfit machine to apply to liquor point-blank, mineral water, medical fluid remove foam liquid fill not easily rate of outfit of outfit, this machine fill is rapid, precision is tall, bottle adaptability is strong. This machine chooses component of entrance electric equipment, pneumatic, entire act is finished by PLC automata, the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient.
Main technique parameter:
Productivity: 1500-2000b/h
Applicable bottle diameter: Ф 60-170mm
(Special bottle ask to design by the user)
Applicable bottle is tall: 180-300mm
Get used to a capacity: 0.5~5L
Air consumption: 0.2m3/min
Installed capacity: 0.75kw
Overall quality: 500kg
Exterior dimension: 1300x700x1800mm
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Product line of the beverage that contain gas / fill outfit machine
JGF series contains gas beverage product line / characteristic of fill outfit machine:
Introduce the abroad's advanced fill that contain gas to hold bottle of technical general gush, coal tub outfit, 3 machine union is close over an organic whole, can save the sources of energy, decrease hold
Make staff, reduce the air pollution that produces a course.
Actuating device uses overhead suspension, set put slippery system to had reached protector to wait, reduce the maintenance time of equipment and the sky that take up
Crucial electric equipment uses foreign entrance.
Pneumatic component uses foreign entrance.
Output can be adjusted at will, use entrance transducer to adjust, and word of know exactly about sth shows.
Outside face and main part all use material of import stainless steel to be made.
Bottle of pass in and out is used change pitch screw divides bottle, conveyer belt is carried, when moving very firm.
Exchange is defeated by bottle guide pulley to be able to have a variety of bottle model production.
Close over system introduces abroad to the technology is developed and be become first, use magnetic force close over, magnetism is torsional quadrature adjustment is convenient, the rate that cover damage is low, close over
Percent of pass is tall.
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