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Tea beverage begins to install equipment with cold fill
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Group of industry of beer of river of Yunnan billows dark blue invests 250 million yuan of RMB to build domestic dimensions in Pu'er tea producing area recently the manufacturer of drink of former unripe tea with the biggest, modern top rate. Its raw material uses height above sea level bright leaf of tea of 1800 meters of original unripe great part of a historical periods.
Maintain former modes of life and relation to their environment to be in country of origin, the product has very firm demand to manufacturing technology. Above all, do not allow to use a tradition to heat up fill outfit, must adopt asepsis cold fill to install a technology. This has to making fill furnish manufacturer puts forward higher technology to ask, for this, this company denounce is gigantic endowment introduced cold fill of asepsis of dry a powerful person to install a technology from KHS company.
Doing cold fill of asepsis of a powerful person to install a technology is a kind of asepsis that KHS company new research and development comes out cold fill installs a technology. Be in China, group of beer of river of billows dark blue applies his on product line of former unripe tea first.
Current, our country fill installs technical cent to be two kinds: One kind is the traditional heat that uses relatively generally fill acts a way, another kind is technology of outfit of asepsis cold fill. Technology of the outfit that heat up fill is put in a lot of malady, it is limitation above all big, applied limits accepts restriction; It is to run the energy in the process to use up next big, moving cost is high. -- news source: Net of equipment of Chinese food machinery

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