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PET heats up fill bottle bottle element and heat-resisting function to improve
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One, introductive
Produce low acidity, neuter drink, when waiting like water of flavour of tea, fruit juice, fruit, the semi-manufactured goods after needing pair of fill to install and bottle implement undertake sterilization is handled, so that control the microbial pollution of the product. The fill that can offer an alternative installs a method to have:
1. adds antiseptic;
2. asepsis or cold sterilization fill are installed;
3. hot fill is installed (except of the beverage that contain gas) ;
4. cling to family name sterilization.
In recent years since, technology of the outfit that heat up fill because its security, economy is better and be used extensively in industry of our country beverage, perspective is very wide. It is the author is in real work below, the working principle that installs the machine that make bottle and hot fill furnish to have through heating up fill to one footwork explores the summary of earning to analyse.
2. Craft of the outfit that heat up fill is summarized
In craft of the outfit that heat up fill, ultra-high-temperature sterilizing of product classics UHT is handled (instantaneous heats to 1200C~1400C, stay tens of second) , drop in temperature to install temperature to fill next (850C~900C) . After fill installs close over, body convert or side lie 30 seconds or so, so that be opposite,cap and bottleneck place undertake the sterilization of temperature is handled be been the same as with body. Bottle keeps proper time below high temperature (30~120 second) hind, send cooling passageway, section reachs bottle refrigeration 340C~380C (the time that passes cooling passageway is 12~20 about minute) , undertake the path after sticking mark, case to wait pack to bottle subsequently.
3. Heat-resisting bottle bottle design wants a place
Bottle of design heat-resisting bottle when, must consider the following factor:
After 1. fill is installed inside 30 seconds, pressing inside bottle rise. Because,this is:
(1) temperature of air of the remain inside the bottle after fill is installed rises to 800C~900C from 300C left and right sides;
(2) the PET bottle of biaxial stretching orientaton is contractive after be heated, cubage is reduced. Below high temperature, bottle must can bear of 0.1~0.3Bar be being pressed and unapt generation is permanent be out of shape.
2.PET bottle contracts in the cubage below high temperature. Common PET bottle can be amounted to in the shrinkage when 850C 20% . But, the shrinkage of bottle of heat-resisting of blown of special PET particle is in use heat-resisting bottle normally between 1%~1.5% ;
After 3. fill is installed, contractive quantity and fill deck change. Fill outfit temperature is higher. Bottle implement cubage systole is bigger. The experiment makes clear, the cubage shrinkage between 860C~900C rises to temperature especially sensitive. Fill deck height is lower, volume of air of the remain inside the bottle after fill is installed is larger, bottle implement systole is bigger also. Because volume of air of the remain inside bottle is larger,this is, counteractive bottle implement contractive metabolic capacity is smaller. Normally, deck of fill of hot fill bottle is in bottle implement place of the annulus that prop up.
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