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The person that do poineering work, baconian your commercial pattern
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What is commercial pattern?

The today's person that do poineering work, the hope obtains fund through investing business, and the commercial pattern with invest the project that business hope does poineering work or he invests to have better. Actually, doesn't the very much person that do poineering work know what right commercial pattern is? No less than is very much industrialist is same, just can sum up after the success come out the mode of company business, doing poineering work actually level is to fumble level. The commercial pattern that everybody says can divide normally it is two kinds: It is, the commercial pattern of narrow sense; 2 be, the commercial pattern of broad sense.

The commercial pattern of narrow sense, namely the relation between the value view of the enterprise and cost structure, those who say is how the company makes money; And the commercial pattern of broad sense, can generalize the means that is business deal, it is the problem that how make money continuously. A few experts on international think, it includes client of value view, cause group, cent sells relation of channel, client, value to deploy, mode of structure of core ability, companionate network, cost, income. The index of these judge is relatively complex, the person that do poineering work can not consider so much issue below a lot of circumstances. Thinking for the most part is income mode.

Occasionally, we are in what pattern of a trade judges inside short time very hard to whether have feasibility. The very much person that do poineering work says, they have very good trade pattern, and can carry out. When you see commercial specification, just be originality of a commerce. The person that do poineering work often can consider as commercial originality commercial pattern by accident. And commercial originality basically is a when be aimed at the market or buyer effectiveness new thinking, namely potential perhaps to buyer client provides the company how unprecedented value. It is based on the market to run the level, can include very Duojisai is clever want, but the effect how, enterprise whether obtain from which continuously the interest is not affirmatory. And commercial pattern, mirrorred this business to get the ability of profit and relevant design for the enterprise. A good commercial pattern is an original for certain, but the commercial originality that designs without the course is not commercial plan. Good business is the core part of company strategy necessarily, its innovation also means whole industry change, also will bring persistent gain capacity for the enterprise.

Initiate commercial pattern of La Hai

Expert of blue sea strategy thinks, blue sea strategy is to be based on buyer (the customer is the biggest effectiveness) effectiveness, roll out the strategy to fix a price (continuously gain ability cost assures) , to target cost, arrive again promote accept, make this strategy can be carried out effectively. This is strategic mode of La Hai.

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