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Play agriculture machinery to become rich music -- poineering story of Zhong Jir
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Zhong Jirong is peaceful the farmer of village of head of horse of countryside of prefectural cropland port, only he of culture of junior high school relies on the plan of rich civil administration of the party, becoming rich additional monarch paths on the road, walked out of an agriculture machinery to become rich road.

December 2005, the black prime of life that Zhong Jirong is in a village large quantities of going out Wu labour, ” of “ labor shortage is troubled by during bringing about spring ploughing.

After the Zhong Jirong of meeting tractor road-sense sees this one phenomenon, stare at the look on agriculture machinery. Through making an on-the-spot investigation, visit, learn and draw lessons from experience of success of some other place, zhong Jirong decides to buy two agriculture machinery to offer agriculture machinery to serve for the villager.

Look at allowed agriculture machinery cultivation to serve this way, march 2005, zhong Jirong persuaded a wife to take out the saving in the home, bought to answer rotary tillage machine and a small-sized mower to the county, become the first is engaged in agriculture machinery service person in the village. At first, zhong Jirong's agriculture machinery serves everywhere be rebuffed. A few villagers are insufficient to agricultural machinery understanding, aux would rather the primitive method that maintains Niu Geng hand to insert, the agriculture machinery that also does not let him leaves field.

Zhong Jirong sees the huge action that agriculture machinery brings to synergism of agricultural increase production to let the villager, adopted the method that after serving first, collects fees to open the market, ceaseless fumble in farm work, improve mechanical efficiency and exercise quality. Zhong Jirong tells the villager, want to plant good land, have to tell science, agriculture machinery produces medium main effect in agriculture, the means that uses science namely is managing cultivation time, vacate time to develop other industry. Those who consider poor farmer is actual, he to the villager people acceptance, it is poverty door to provide free or favourable service.

Pass hard, slowly Zhong Jirong's agriculture machinery is approbated by the villager gradually, arrived ” of “ rush-harvesting and rush-planting is seasonal, want hire his agriculture machinery, return so that make an appointment to just go ahead of schedule. Gave the Zhong Jirong of the name, open agriculture machinery gave a village, gave country, a year short time was answered to earn in the home 3000 multivariate.

As the country a series of benefit farming of policy come on stage, buy agriculture machinery government to still have allowance nowadays, the enthusiasm that the farmer buys agriculture machinery is rising, more and more villagers had his agriculture machinery, zhong Jirong's agriculture machinery serves the market to facing grim challenge. When proper close friends is worried for Zhong Jirong, he plunges into the intellectual ocean that receives agriculture machinery care and maintenance directly however. The book that he bought principles of a lot of agriculture machinery mechanism not only comes “ gnaws ” , the maintenance station that still uses slack season time to produce manufacturer to agriculture machinery at one's own expenses learns skill of agriculture machinery maintenance.
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