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3 successful stories that this small doing poineering work
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Now, poineering doorsill is lower and lower, it is OK to want you to have certain numerary fund only oneself become a boss. Can want to do poineering work successful, still must learn to become an eligible boss, the boss that should know to was not you to dot money applied for business charter to namely the model has kind, of the experience of the following personages talk to be able to be drawn lessons from for you probably.
Sale skill is very crucial
Leading role: Build maple poineering project: Capital of newly established of computer peripheral fittings: 30 thousand yuan
Build maple, do business of computer peripheral fittings. His inn optional location competes in electronic product city of intense computer of Taiyuan city green dragon. Say here is not the good place of peripheral business normally, because congener product and oneself product photograph is compared, actor defect clearly, if of the sale is not brand product, wanting to had been done is very difficult. But, according to building maple say, his sale outstanding achievement is not poor however.
Choose store in city of green dragon computer, build maple the circumjacent environment that considered oneself. Left and right sides of unripe existence around is similar in the environment with congener product, clever businessman can keep away from same point, the difference that makes congener product however turns a product. Build maple a lot of attempts were made in this respect. He says to want to know what he is doing above all, want to know the actor bad of other product, function and efficiency, the dominant position that uses oneself undertakes competitive. alleged person has without me, the person has me to actor or actress.
Additional, as the businessman, in sale respect, also should have be in business goodly ability and eloquence. Want society and manufacturer namely the supplier establishs good cooperation relationship, also want to have the capacity that has friendly relations with oneself client channel, analyse the client's psychology, know they need the product of function of what price, what, is not introduce some to plant to the client casually product. Build maple say to because oneself are known very much,undertaking communicate and communicating with the client, come in inn later the stranger is very much, in obtain while the client trusts, oneself benefit also is in promote every day. The businessman is used to a client to call god now, build maple say what weigh the client to he auxes would rather for the client. Had become the customer only, just let a client experience the businessman's credit likely, ability can have sacred feeling.
Build maple the product look that says oneself to high-tech product, do not have too large dominant position. But the skill that he knows a sale very much, when knowing the environment that holds periphery and sale, communicate with the client, so his inn is managed more prosperously, he can be in at least competition seeks the seat that belongs to his in intense environment, live come down, this ability is poineering key.
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