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What lack sometimes is actuation only
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You once were the person of one each a person of extraordinary powers
The hope can make great career one day
You are longing to behave
You have some knowledge and capacity
You long to prove your existence
Went a lot of years again
What kind of new idea did you have again?
You make it what kind of career?
It is the good time of 12 months
How you will be faced again
Awaiting your opportunity those
Whether can you miss them again?
Why didn't you always succeed?
What lack because of you is actuation only!
Often see this small poem, those who feel oneself are in one year another year miss a lot of time! Miss a lot of successful opportunities!
Yes, the person needs a few impulse occasionally, impulse is in a lot of moment are a favour, but I am how actuation also do not rise, do a thing to always think many times, tiger of wolf fear after the event is afraid of before, how do this go? If grow this such word, I think me this is destined all one's life should work, sell my cheap labor!
It is to must act, without inherent overmatch, have brave actor only, the action, the success is possible!

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