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Ma Xiuhui: 20 years old of poineering open " smooth " bright road
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Do poineering work piece

"Choosing illume profession is very accidental, but all occurrent is inevitable " , chat with Ma Xiuhui, the bright smile on her face just is like downy and bright light, let you feel a woman very self-confident to oneself. "I feel I want inherently to enter commercial field namely, and I must enter this field " , for this business end, ma Xiuhui and sea of husband king boast sell tube to be made from side person, this a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success also is husband and wife 2 people open " bright " road...

>> hardship starts " this money itself is me, not be your eleemosynary "

1994, taking from the watch elder sister is in wholesale annular tube, 20 years old of Ma Xiuhui that just came forward and husband come to Guangdong Zhongshan from Zhejiang, two people are hired issued " wicket face " . The first day of practice, ma Xiuhui and husband are pulling a hand to say, "Let us one pace begins " . In the day that filling hope and challenge everyday, life happiness, however hardships.

Husband and wife the two businesses that should do everyday give the client that wants money these tube from here namely, every just shined every day, husband moves the tube that becomes case into box from the storeroom of 2 buildings, bind tricycle to go up again personally deliver goods, one day comes and go countless times. The husband that looks at pieces of whole face to be suntanned completely besides the partial other place of sunglasses keep out, the Ma Xiuhui that there already was 8 months pregnancy at that time feels distressed unceasingly, always want to help husband what do.

"On the moves big case to stair namely rider that I can become, let it down slip downward. But often at this moment, husband feels distressed the ground cries greatly, do not let me do everything. But, I still want to help old centimeter carry a point, then, I receive payment for goods " , ma Xiuhui says, "I one person is holding out pregnant, come to look for a client to want payment for goods. Come to look for a client to want payment for goods..

Receive payment for goods to let Ma Xiuhui suffer too much grievance. Although some people gave payment for goods, but the model that places a pair to stand high above the masses, make a person very uncomfortable, cannot bear really, ma Xiuhui says gently: "This money itself is me, not be your eleemosynary, you such deal also are those who do not do " . A word says face of the other side is redly. This Wen Wanjiao's young Zhejiang woman, tell oneself kind-heartedly, if they do not give payment for goods, because,perhaps be very busy, do not consider at all on understand oneself so small business.

But after walking out of the door, ma Xiuhui still cannot help crying, such experience also facilitates today's Ou Pu from do poineering work to continueing all the time now an iron rule: The lock of payment for goods of the supplier is decided inside 45 days settle accounts of certain cash reserve in a bank. This defeats the move of guild regulations, make today's Ou Pu is in gain reputation while also won more capital have enough to meet need.
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