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7 colour bean curd: Let worker of come off sentry duty one year earn 2 million
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7 colour bean curd of Peng Honggen is goluptious cate health care not only article, still became the gift of make a present of of people courtesy demands reciprocity. 2002, one goes to the Nanjing that Australia studies abroad the girl is taken abroad, undesigned, an enterprise discovered Australia however of Chinese bean products " the New World-the Americas " , go up through net of Home Peng bean curd instantly send a card to ask cooperate. On section of bean curd of the China austral the Huaihe River, delegate of limited company of food of American article family name sees 7 colour bean curd, very amazed, make surprise repeatedly. Pass with Peng Honggen a close communication, before long, two pull a hand to become friendly associate. Course of study of beans of Taiwan the people's livelihood, switzerland, norwegian, france, wait to a lot of countries send a person to come in succession or send correspondence, the requirement cooperates.
"My purpose is not to rely on to be earned with big company cooperation come big money, I am to want to popularizing green bean curd project of this one food basket, personnel of stimulative come off sentry duty does bit of contribution to report a society more on obtain employment. " Peng Honggen tells a reporter, his savor poineering hardships, can see a few people can use Home Peng bean curd now this green product will become rich, this ability is my greatest cherished desire. The reporter clicked Jiangsu at will bean curd of 2 Home Peng joins in inn, the benefit place exclaim that after wanting to be mixed to join in by their poineering experience, brings extremely. The Suzhou that learned Home Peng bean curd to make in Nanjing in November 2004 breaks Yue Wenchun of 業 person 員, come home build limited company of bean curd of zephyr Home Peng, only a year of time, the company owns 200 much property. The limited company of bean curd of Home Yang Jinpeng of Changzhou city Mo Zhimin, already developed now join in inn many 30. Laomo not only sent money, still became the well-known public figure of Changzhou.
Mention join in the success of personage of Home Peng bean curd, peng Honggen showed smile on the face, the backside of this smile, let him pay the hardships of how many again. Will learn from student, come home do poineering work, the technology knows to wait for each link, peng Honggen does not know to want to go there and back how many times, hold how many heart. "Take a fancy to this industry, it is the accredit to my this individual, I had been done only all-around the job, let the other side do not feel choose this project and regret, when experiencing to the benefit that the project brings joy, this ability achieves my wish, also be the principle that I am an upright person. " Peng Honggen is gesturing, sturdy say to the reporter.

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