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The pioneer of beverage industry the grow road with 100 not common things
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Come nearly more than 20 years, the development of Chinese beverage industry changes, can use completely " world-shaking " will describe. Scan widely noons today beverage market of the country, not only all sorts of beverage brands make a person dazzling, and beverage variety is great also and rich: Arrive from carbonic acid beverage, fruit juice vegetable juice, from beverage of protein of vegetable of expect of the drink that contain milk-like liquid, wait for by no means an isolated case to beverage of bottled drinking water, tea, solid beverage again; Meanwhile, beverage consumes group and market battle array to also be not former times comparing today. Newest statistic number shows association of Chinese beverage industry, chinese beverage industry is one of industries with the rapiddest in recent years development in food industry. Come more than 20 years yield is average amplitude is as high as 21.3, far outclass is other a lot of industries.
Face the prosperous at the height of power and splendour with Chinese beverage all-time industry, let person couplet very hard remember 80 time first, when Chinese beverage industry just starts disconcerted besides: Crop of beverage of Chinese whole nation was 288 thousand tons only 1980; Most compatriots knows and drinkable is the bottled soda water with onefold breed only; In the bag mount uses onefold reclaiming entirely almost vitreous bottle; Product quality level is lower also; Whole beverage industry did not have the beverage brand of national influence, also did not support the sale channel of national beverage brand.
Come more than 20 years, chinese beverage industry produced tremendous change: According to association of Chinese beverage industry the relevant content in April 2008 shows: Chinese beverage was produced 1982 can be 400 thousand tons, beverage crop already exceeded 51.1 million tons 2007. In 25 years, chinese beverage crop turned over 128 times, the development speed of beverage industry basically can maintain break up one time in 5 years. According to the estimation of association of Chinese beverage industry, chinese beverage industry is in " 915 " during will continue to maintain high speed development, year increase rate will not under 15 % . Beverage industry of China still has vast development space. Inside the industry, product variety is rich with each passing day, for the beverage of people consumption brought rich selection; Chinese beverage industry is producing a lot of respects such as technology, management concept to dressing to world forward position; Beverage brand tends diversity, appear piece " ethical brand internationalization " and " international brand this locality is changed " favorable situation. Chinese beverage industry great change of more than 20 years, the person that since of 100 troubles firm is witnessed, also be active participator. Chinese beverage industry is all-time today prosperous, amid of 100 troubles firm produced positive effect.
Come more than 20 years, 100 things install system of factory, sale in Chinese fill, 100 works product starts from Shenzhen, move toward complete China gradually; The product was expanded by onefold carbonic acid beverage beverage of low candy beverage, fruit juice, motion; In good quality management system, in vigorous market promotion activity, the good brand image of product of 100 works series was established in countrywide consumer; Pursue a technology hard in business management banner, energy-saving fall bad news, environmental protection, reasonable take up the advanced concept of social natural resources; In the meantime, the masses sports facilities that 100 things explore supportive China actively, entertainment career reachs social commonweal career, shape image of good 100 things company. The figure of 100 things got promote effectively and be extended in China.
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