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Food of international of German division grand exhibited ANUGA/09 2009 year food
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Date: 2009/10/10- - 2009/10/14
Contact person: Guan Xiaoyan
Connect a telephone call: 021-51276768-8051
Fax: 021-51276766

Food of international of German division grand exhibited ANUGA 2009
Extend meeting time: 2009-10-10 comes 2009-10-14
Exhibit meeting site: International of German division grand exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: German division grand shows a company
Hold cycle: Two years one
Chinese group exhibits: Shanghai international advertisement shows limited company
Postpone meeting introduction:
Exhibition of food of international of German division grand (ANUGA) it is one of important exhibition projects that company of exhibition of international of German division grand sponsors, half century comes is Germany and country should exhibit meeting biennially to be held all the time, every are attracting the food that comes from world each district, beverage to produce business and professional trade public figure, it is the good place that the client connection, product that order builds each other in food industry and communication grand meeting. The overall arrangement that extends meeting clarity, produce category to look, and join the international grade level that exhibits product place to have, make exhibit the many range of products on the meeting to appear more transparent, assured to extend the high influence of the meeting. The habit that the person that the basis looks around is searched for and buys decorates relevant product to distributing, also reduce a lot of inconvenience to the person that look around. This also is why the advanced policymakers of world food industry collect, build or consolidate the reason of business connection. During the exhibition, the organizing committee still calls together a few seminars to discuss food to machine the development foreground of the industry at the same time. Coming grand meeting that postponed meeting general to become policymakers of industry of whole world food again 2009. Reviewing of previous term or session: The international food that the portion ran in German division grand in October 2007 is exhibited (Anuga) exhibit an area to be as high as 304, 000 square metre; Mutual come from world each district the company of Home 6 323 of nearly 100 countries and area comes round to join exhibit, 85 % above is to be international to postpone business, among them China exhibits business to amount to 474; The person that look around has trade of the retail, industry that comes from 175 countries, communal catering trade, importer, service industry, technology and other industry in all 163, 348 professional personages attend a meeting, the person that country of its China and foreign countries looks around occupies 48 % . All ginseng are exhibited business is in with the person that look around exhibit many results were obtained on the meeting, some of first time attends this to exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to exhibit business to still express this is them the scale that has attended is the largest and a major with the biggest profit is exhibited meeting.
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