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Water of 2009 Wu Kelan international are exhibited
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Date: 2009/10/07- - 2009/10/10
Contact person:
Connect a telephone call: 010-62261531
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Water of 2009 Wu Kelan international are exhibited
On October 7, 2009 - 10 days
Black overcomes Lan Jifu international to exhibit a center
Wu Kelan is optimal water treatment grand meeting
AQUA UKRAINE is Wukelan's biggest water treatment is exhibited meeting, limits of item on display is enclothed in the round water treatment, sewage disposal, medium water is answered with, Wu of kimono of clean water and the equipment that exceed clean water domain, technology. AQUA UKRAINE also is grand meeting of an omnibus water treatment, at the same time combinative major conference, latest technology is recommended, and invite industry leader to discuss newest market to develop trend and industry development characteristic.
Limits of item on display?
Does pump reach pump system? Does valve, conduit reach fittings? Filter, water treatment and its equipment? Does water treatment reach craft of water treatment flow? Desalination, straight water reach clean water? Is water natural resources protected?
Water supply: Do water supply of municipal, industry and agriculture irrigate? Chemical / be not system of chemical water treatment?
Municipal foundation builds: Does municipal foundation construction, cop detect reach safeguard? Area water purification? Does coal tub install water and bottled water? Build to catchment infrastructure, rebuild the goods and materials that reachs maintenance place to repair and equipment? Does survey of surface layer water reach mine? Is water measured, program and equipment? Water environment crisis? Water supply safety
Ginseng exhibit expense:
Exhibit meeting cost signing up: Standard of $ 360/ square metre exhibits: (the smallest area 12 square metre, double mouth adds 10% ) smooth ginseng exhibits square metre of ¥ 2700 / personnel expenses: Square metre of $ 330 /
More information, contact home to appoint connection orgnaization solely please:
Yi Wei is become (Beijing) exhibition limited company
Address: Area of Beijing rising sun founds a state 98 number flourishing age fine garden C 206 (100022)
Phone: (010) 6223 0273
Fax: (010) 6226 1531
Electric mail: Acevision

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