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Exhibition of food of Argentine 2009 international, beverage
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Date: 2009/06/15- - 2009/06/19
Contact person: Guan Xiaoyan
Connect a telephone call: 021-51276768-8051
Fax: 021-51276766

Exhibition of food of Argentine 2009 international, beverage
Show time: On June 15, 2009 - on June 19
Exhibit meeting site: Si Aili of cloth appropriate Nuo this, centro Costa Salguero
Sponsor: Publitec SA Publisher
Previous term or session extends meeting scope:
Exhibit meeting to accumulate: 15000 M2 attends postpone business: 267 foreign countries postpone business: 112
Content of item on display:
★ food finished product: Vegetables of fruit doing delicacy kind; Potted kind; The infant feeds category; Milk products; Quick frozen food kind; Aquatic product kind; Beverage kind; Smoke wine kind; Candy fruit; Produce kind; Biscuit, Peng Hua feeds category; Convenient food, grain is oily kind; Fleshy birds breeds kind; Green health food kind; Roast kind; Tea and local speciality category
★ food burden: Food former complementary makings and additive
★ food is mechanical: All sorts of machinery of fleshy food treatment, cold drink machinery, food kind the material of treatment machinery, food that pack, refrigerating equipment, store equipment, snack equipment, sale equipment, bar equipment
Exhibition brief introduction: Argentine food exhibits biennially will be in Si Aili of cloth appropriate Nuo this Centro Costa Salguero exhibits a center to hold. Exhibition began to hold 1980, exhibit red-bloodedly as meeting, its brand exhibited meeting bound to obtain high opinion in international. To improve the scene exhibit meeting atmosphere, sponsor between ginseng exhibition period just will hold activity of a few special subject, if youth of the 5th contest of division of pasty of the 3rd whole nation, whole nation is candied,pizza of the 3rd division contest, whole nation makes the etc such as the contest a few spots that interact with the audience activity, for professional audience people offerred look around reach sample the opportunity of varied food. As Argentine place dimensions the biggest professional provision reachs treatment deposit facility to exhibit, attracted numerous come from inside course of study of world each district well-known company attends, this is exhibited provided good atmosphere to undertaking business affairs negotiates, its are professional at the same time the development that also spurred the enterprise inside course of study to tighten close cooperation to concern.
Market background: Argentina is located in be located in ministry of South America southeast, area kilometer of 2.78 million square, for Latin America the 2nd big country, be next to Brazil. The Common Market of south of Mercosur South America, it is the organization that agreement of a when Argentine, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay are in the basis to was signed 1991 regional trade builds. This organization is regarded as the trade division of the 3rd success. Nowadays, mercosur has become the area with latin america the most powerful actual strength, its population adds up to 216 million, GDP value amounts to 300.9 billion dollar, export total amounts to 84.6 billion dollar, import total amounts to 89.7 billion dollar. Argentine foreign trade has important place in national economy. In recent years, the government admits to stimulate economy, adjusted foreign trade policy, reduce custom duty, open an entrance, cancel the amount of goods and materials of pair of imports and exports and quota limitation, foreign trade adverse balance of trade increases apparently. As the bilateral business relation between Argentina and China close together with each passing day, the culture communication between two countries also grows day and day. Food industry is one of industries with Argentine the rapiddest development, face the prosperous situation of South-American the Common Market, argentine international food exhibits course of study of the state-owend enterprise in be to develop Argentina and latin america market, know and consolidate new old client, the technology with newest know, show oneself product and figure, understanding tendency of the market offers the good opportunity of a rare.
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