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Shanghai food exhibition
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Date: 2009/05/19- - 2009/05/21
Contact person: Jin Yan
Connect a telephone call: 021-26831776
Fax: 021-54620298

Food of the 10th China International mixes ——SIAL CHINA 2009 of Shanghai food exhibition beverage exhibition on May 19, 2009- - Yang Lu of dragon of new developed area of 21 days of Pudong 2345 (Shanghai new international reads extensively central E1 E2 E3 E4) exhibit meeting cycle: " a year " contact: Miss Jin Yan 13818249629 sponsor unit France to love rich to exhibit group China commerce to develop a center assist do Ministry of Agriculture of association of industry of unit China can external limited company of supermarket of city of Shanghai of Inc. of couplet China supermarket provides institute of food of Shanghai of society of major of brew of Shanghai of unit of support of economic collaboration center most the food commerce of internationalization------SIAL China 2008 is mutual come from global the ginseng of 65 countries and area exhibits business ginseng signing up, join the dimensions that exhibit a group bigger is: China, France, Italy, United States, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Australia, Malaysia, Korea, Uruguay, Vietnam, Canada, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Argentine, India and Chile. Among them chief of a tribe of couplet of south Africa, Denmark, Egypt, A, Finland, Hungarian, Bolinixiya, Czech, Switzerland, Syria, Daxidi 12 countries such as island, Wukelan. Numerous and abroad postpone business join in, reflected the big trend of food commerce globalization on one hand, also make clear at the same time exhibit meeting in the world consequence. SIAL China 2009 participates in country and area amount to predict to will break through 70 above. Formidable international sale network------Group of exhibition love rich in the whole world 60 countries and area formed him extend network of meeting sales promotion (7 delegates place, 11 stature companies and partner - the 60 representatives company that French international major postpones stimulative meeting) . Chinese Ministry of Agriculture external economic collaboration center will continue to organize industry of concerned province, city to comprise agricultural major to exhibit an area. Association of Chinese potted industry will continue to attend SIAL CHINA 2009 to exhibit meeting, SIAL hopes to entered domestic and international market to provide the communication platform of a high quality scales for Chinese potted enterprise. Maigre culture major exhibits the “ international health that group of exhibition of French love rich sponsors area ” appears on SIAL CHINA2005 first, caused domestic and international maigre a lot of attention of kind of production, management enterprise. Group of exhibition love rich continues to hold “ international health maigre culture major exhibits area ” , enlarge dimensions. SIAL CHINA and tycoon of retail trade of domestic and international much home are maintaining close cooperative relationship, 2008, ginseng of China and foreign countries exhibits business and domestic happy blessing and supermarket of wheat heart dragon purchased a manager to undertake 750 man-to-man negotiate. Be organized with international bishop and judge wine major orgnaization authoritatively----Brussels world judges bender to cooperate, hold annual international bishop and spirited wine taste bender, product of bear the palm is in exhibit meeting site to undertake revealing, develop a variety of promotion activities. Distinct commerce effect----Attend SIAL China 2008 to exhibit the ginseng of China and foreign countries of the meeting to exhibit business to all score the commerce gain of plentiful and substantial, in exhibit before can concluding, the ginseng that has more than 60 % exhibits business to had affirmed continue to attend of 2009 exhibit meeting. The professional SIAL China buying the home that comes from China and whole Asia already became platform of Asian efficient business affairs, attracted abroad, especially the high attention that Asian major buys the home. SIAL China 2008 was recieved in all 2, 5000 professional audiences, among them 15 % come from besides chinese mainland. 2008, besides chinese mainland and area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, will organization of more Asia nation purchases a group bulkily, include the United States, England, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, India. Amount of professional audience of SIAL China 2009 will be achieved 3, 0000 people. Commerce of supermarket of Ji Lianhua of dragon of heart of rich exhibition period activity and domestic Le Fu, wheat negotiates -- the business chance that enjoys in SIAL China ability only! International bishop and spirited wine taste contest of bender international olive oil -- 2005 first second hold, very successful, share 54 kinds of products that come from 18 countries to enter selection international sweetmeat and chocolate contest -- China and foreign countries exhibits business to will reveal all sorts of candy that envisage hard, the classical variety that buys every year surely from consumer arrives thousands of new product of new development product is revealed -- development big trend and innovation product show a region basically is to introduce the newest food on international to develop a tendency to the audience. This area still exhibits concentration to choose meticulously by the expert at the same time go out, the product that joins those who postpone a business to have innovation sex most. Major of 8 big themes exhibits   of   of area of the 48000 exhibitions that make the same score rice area () wine kind   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of the   that exhibit an area (4) aquatic product exhibits an area (2) recreational food exhibits   of   of   of   of area     (
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