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2009 dozenth an exhibition of things of Beijing hotel facilities
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Date: 2009/04/14- - 2009/04/16
Hold a city: Beijing
Exhibition: Light industry exhibits a center
Contact person: Shi Jin
Connect a telephone call: 010-64077153
Fax: 010-64077153

Come from 1998 my center already held fair of things of 11 Beijing hotel continuously in Beijing 2008, gained huge success, accumulated numerous passenger source does with what abound exhibit experience. As China held Beijing Olympic Games successfully 2008, beijing city builds rapid development, year after year of hotel things demand increases, to satisfy the need of hotel market ceaselessly, by Chinese light industry exhibition center is sponsorred dozenth 2009 an exhibition of things of Beijing hotel facilities, set beforehand exhibit 500, exhibit an area 10000 smooth rice, predict to invite professional audience to attend a meeting 20000 person-time, the key invites a product to have “ the ginseng of outstanding brand enterprise of the characteristic such as energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligence, new-style ” is exhibited, realize hotel of Olympic Games of green of “ new Beijing, reveal ” of company brand image. The leader that welcomes domestic and international hotel, guesthouse at the appointed time, before purchasing personnel and hotel things agency, will look around, order goods.
Light industry exhibits a center (” of center of abbreviation “ exhibition) it is by the countrywide light industry of give an official of commission of central orgnaization organizing major exhibits an orgnaization, by the State Council state-owned asset supervises administrative committee director, federation of Chinese light industry (former light industry ministry) straight canal. Have hold national light industrial product exhibition aptitude and Department of Commerce (former outside classics trade department) approval awards hold external the competence that economic technology collaboration shows, became international to show allied member 2007. Main body business is to assume domestic and international exhibition to reach light industrial the organization of trade fair, plan, design and service, exhibition center is established 50 come for years, undertake successfully count exposition of countrywide light industry, exhibition of achievement of progress of technology of industry of whole state-owend enterprise, People's Republic of China founds a state 50 years achievement is exhibited (industry exhibits an area) , state-owned company reform and development and exhibition of technical innovation achievement, China (Ning Bo) international lives in exposition, win the commendation of country, industry for many times, get inside course of study reputably. The progress that shows a center dash forward showed central culture and civilized construction, already had the honor to win “ 11 years continuously at present title of ” of unit of civilization of central state office, had the honor to win title of ” of unit of “ capital civilization again 2006.
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