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Food filling machinery products shopping guide articles
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In recent years, more and more plastic bottles to be applied to the liquid food packaging. The beverage industry, for example, according to incomplete statistics, the current global annual plastic containers for beverage consumption in bottles of 1000 million tons, and its production and sales is 10% to 19% annual growth rate. The filling machine as the importance of liquid food packaging equipment, packaging machinery, but also with the applications of plastic bottles reach the broader food industry. Of course, different packing materials (including gas liquids, non-gas liquids, paste the body, etc.) and different packaging containers (bottles, cans, boxes, barrels, bags, etc.), but also to different varieties of filler, usually filling machine classification are the following: 1. By the structure: linear filling machine, rotary filling machine; 2. By quantitative device points: Yung cup canned machine, liquid filling machine, rotor filling machine, piston filling machine; 3. The first few minutes by filling valves: single head filling machine, filling machine long; 4. By filling principle points: the vacuum filling machine, pressure Guanguan capacity, back pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machines, pressure filling machine; 5. Divided by the feed cylinder structure: single room for the material filling machine, double room for the material filling machine, filling machine and more room for the material; 6. Divided by the degree of automation: manual filling machine filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine, filling pressure filling machine; 7. By packaging container lifting structure points: Chute down filling machine, filling machine pneumatic lift, combination lift chute pneumatic filling machine filling machine purchase: a reasonable choice is to ensure quality of products filling machine, an important way to improve economic efficiency . In general, the actual production should be closely linked, as we choose good quality, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, small size, light weight filling machines. However, many kinds of products filling machine areas, brands, involving materials and technologies are complex, lack of expertise in the procurement of the consumers should pay attention to what the problem? I want some suggestions below for your reference for the procurement of such equipment. First make sure that he will buy the product filling the filling confidential. Some manufacturers of products are many kinds of filling machines in the purchase and hope to a filling device packaging all their varieties. In fact, special machines are often better than filling than compatible. This is just for reference only, you can coordinate with the manufacturers. Also, the filling range of different prices are not the same, if the relatively large gap between the filling range of products as separate from the filling machine. Secondly, the product requires a higher cost. At present, the quality of the production of filling machines has been greatly improved than before, some equipment manufacturers together with imports of machinery and drive and drive. Finally, it is famous as the historic choice filling machine business, quality is guaranteed. Select technology is mature, stable quality models, so that packaging faster and more stable, low power, low hand, the low rejection rate. Filling machine is a machine consumption only if the purchase of low-quality machines in the future cumulative daily waste production of packaging film, decided not small number. Finally, after-sales service, "insiders" have a good reputation. Timely service, especially for food processing enterprises is particularly important. Such as beverage companies, summer is the busy production period, if the machine is a problem in production are not immediately resolved, that loss can be imagined. In addition, operation and maintenance is simple to buy as much as possible, complete accessories, automatic continuous feed body to the device for easy removal combination. Also consider the efficiency of production equipment, filling machine productivity as a direct reflection of the level of production capacity. Higher productivity, better economic benefits it produces. In order to improve product quality, high precision equipment should be selected, but also a high degree of automation filling machine. But also a corresponding increase in the price of equipment, increased unit costs. From the above description, I understand, in fact, the purchase of filling equipment is still a lot of factors to be considered, and only took into account in order to buy roses, excellent price quality beauty products. Finally, in materials, parts and components for direct contact with the materials to stainless steel or non-toxic materials as much as possible, because food safety is directly related to the safety of consumers and business survival.

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