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Enlarge of edible oily manufacturer produces the can small fill that pack to ins
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Afterwards country hair changes appoint release an information jointly with national commissariat bureau, after requirement each district increases the small edible that pack to oil is produced and furnish, "Blessing faces the door " , " Lu Hua " the productivity that waits for a company to express to issue augment standard Xiaobao to hold series edible oil in succession. Suffer this effect, yesterday, the reporter learns, oily fill of the small edible that pack installs product line order to also begin to increase.

Yesterday, the reporter installs the enterprise know such as mechanical company and company of Jinan package machine from Hubei edible oily fill, as a result of the near future each edible oil produced an enterprise to increase productivity, as offer enclose equipment and industry automatically the enterprise of special and mechanical equipment, order amount also is compared the corresponding period rose last year two into the left and right sides, some purchased manufacturing facilities order for goods to already discharged second half of the year. Among them, company of a lot of production is to ask according to present production the circumstance undertakes ordering doing, the price from millions yuan to on ten million yuan differ.

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