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Day tall fill holds machine Guangzhou firm
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Company general situation
Limited company of expensive package machine founds day 1989, unit of member of guild of equipment of pharmacy of the department China federation that pack, China, Zhejiang saves science and technology medium and small businesses, it is domestic major is engaged in research and development of market of automation package machine, product, production, sale, service the production company at an organic whole, already passed ISO9001: 2000 systems attestation, fill installs the machine that seal remaining part and product of series of fill outfit machine to already passed attestation of European Union CE. Develop through more than 10 years, assemble domestic mechanical manufacturing industry is numerous technical elite, industry of has house of ability of research and development is banner level, the fill outfit that the company makes seals tail engine, fill to install fill of liquid of machine, viscosity to install the product such as product line to already was in day is changed, the industry such as food, pharmacy, lube is used extensively, 70 ﹪ sell as far as to the product abroad, already was approbated by the market stage by stage, get client reputably.
The company innovates with “ from beginning to end, sincere letter, harmonious, efficient, continuously ” is a tenet, it is the client that selects day of high variety as always, offer reliable product, perfect service, develop jointly hand in hand, achieve beautiful performance in all.

Contact means
Day tall fill holds machine Guangzhou firm
Contact: Mo Yun

Phone: 020-22313661 fax:
Mobile telephone: 13539815306
Communication address: The zip code austral highway of Guangzhou city Guangzhou:
Company website:

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