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Luck brings limited company of machinery of city triumphant Nuo
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Company general situation
Luck brings machinery plant of city triumphant Nuo is a professional manufacturer that is engaged in developing food drink machine. It is a collect the backbone company that development, scientific research, design, production is made and technical service and market sale make equipment of package machine of equipment of machinery of whole set beverage, food at the major of an organic whole. It is with its abundant technology force rely on, it is with market demand oneself, with the product development is forerunner, development produces each model the product of machinery of triumphant Nuo beverage with technical high-quality goods, outstanding character. To satisfy your requirement ceaselessly, serve for you better, our product produces generation, develop generation, make elaborate design, meticulously, seed profit management, good faith serves the consistent purpose that is a factory.

The proprietor of an enterprise guides the product has: Contain oxygen and do not contain beverage of oxygen beverage product line, fruit juice, tea beverage and wine kind wait for a liquid outfit of bottled, bucket, coal tub outfit and of all kinds product line this enterprise wishs to cooperate hand in hand at personage of social all circles, the joint development, business relation enthusiasm that builds long-term stability welcomes new often.
Contact means
Luck brings limited company of machinery of city triumphant Nuo
Contact: Wen Jingong

Phone: 0577-65022208 fax: 0577-65567205
Mobile telephone: 15058331227
Communication address: Zhejiang saves luck to install city scud to press down zip code of iron furnace industrial district: 325207
Company website:

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