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Limited company of machinery of Beijing grand source
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Company general situation
Limited company of machinery of Beijing grand source is located in the Beijing with pretty scenery to go in for sth in a large scale guard of Ou Xigong door, be located in Beijing to open high speed on the side, communication is very easy. It is major is engaged in furnish of test pump equipment, fill equipment, pressure detects the product research and development such as equipment of equipment, glue canal burke and sawing machine equipment, make, the professional corporation of sale and technical service. Company line of the products is much, standards is full. If accuse test pump, remote control test pump, numerical control test pump, electric test pump, hand to move test pump to wait oneself,main product has test pump series; Series of outfit of fire control fill if machine of machine of machine of powder fill outfit, outfit of carbon dioxide fill, nitrogen fill outfit and equipment of fire extinguisher maintenance; If series of the machine that lock up a canal is machine of canal of numerical control lock, muti_function machine of canal of lock of the machine that lock up a canal, high pressure; Series of metal tape sawing machine is like sawing machine of horizontal metal tape, band sawing machine of vertical metal band sawing machine, metal of double column horizontal, each district of popular whole nation sells as far as to the product southeast Asia and Euramerican country.
The company has abundant science and technology to develop force, advanced production equipment of establishment, office, complete detect condition, scientific modernization management system, passed ISO9001 international quality to manage systematic attestation. The company pays attention to investment of science and technology, technical personnel essence at studying, research and development gave a lot of new products, a lot of products own national patent, fill home is multinomial and blank, occupy first place of course of study of person of the same trade firmly in course of study of person of the same trade, alive bound is had in course of study of person of the same trade taller famous degree.
The company is had one large quantities of having excellent the high quality talent of concept of technology, advanced management and high responsibility heart, hold to ” of “ quality, innovation, service, win-win to be management concept, hold to “ user from beginning to end consummate, serve the service concept of ” attentively, pursuit company value and client value grow jointly. Grand source person will continue hard, develop new product ceaselessly, acknowledge with more excellent service broad user is right our deep love.
We wish to cooperate with sincerity of new old client, achieve in all hand in hand brilliant, greeting incoming telegram will case negotiate business.

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Limited company of machinery of Beijing grand source
Contact: Jiang Bailin

Phone: 010-89111755 fax: 010-60245015
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