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Beer beverage filling machinery industry trend of mainstream development
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First, the device integration Now, more and more manufacturers to develop integrated beverage machinery and equipment on the market. For example, Shun Machinery Plant in Zhangjiagang, and other top corporate sector introduced rinsing, filling and capping three in one unit. Integration of multiple process devices into a single unit to complete link, eliminating the intermediate circulation may lead to secondary pollution, improve the overall efficiency of the device. From the market reaction, the type of equipment sought after by users. Aseptic filling equipment in the domestic market reflects the cold case, market acceptance of integrated device manufacturers that are no doubt delighted. The short term, the development of integrated devices would be more rapid aseptic filling equipment, enthusiasm for research and development will increasingly high. Second, the degree of automation to enhance With the beer and beverage industry, large-scale, centralized, the demand for beer and beverage filling machine speed, performance put forward higher requirements. Scale production requires high-speed, high-efficiency production equipment. The filling machine to increase production efficiency, automation must be strengthened. Currently, many companies have started to strengthen in the level of automation equipment, and conduct a series of technical research and development. Driven by the market, China's beer and beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry will further strengthen the research and development of automation equipment. Third, adaptive equipment to enhance Beer and beverage industry in China has experienced several decades of development, product category, packaging have been greatly enriched. And consumers demand more and more packaging, making the beer and beverage manufacturers in the packaging form novelty, change, quality and refinement in the packaging, the Beautiful. Often a form of business products to meet dozens and even hundreds of different enterprises in the processing and production process, often encounter a number of different forms of product packaging to be the case of continuous production. This requires filling equipment has strong adaptability to adapt to a wider variety of filling materials, filling the container and even more different specifications of the filling process. Adaptive equipment to enhance the one hand, the breadth of the performance upgrade for the device to adapt; the one hand, the adjustment process for device performance convenience. Fourth, large-scale enterprises China's beer and beverage filling machinery market supply capacity of complete sets of equipment have become increasingly demanding. With the beer and beverage industry, the increasing scale of the industry, while also increasing industry concentration. Expansion of production scale, enterprise strength strong, the requirements of the equipment will become increasingly relevant. To meet the market demands, China's beer and beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry as well as complete sets of equipment needed to further improve the supply capacity of complete sets of high-end equipment, while the realization of the premise that business to the scale. And the specific situation from the industry, the industry leader in the market size is expanding rapidly. For example, in 2004, beer bottling industry in Guangdong Light Industrial Plant sales growth nearly doubled compared with 2003, the market has leapt to the industry ranked second. To the large-scale enterprise development, the market also requires enterprise scale, the scale is a general trend. Fifth, industry concentration China's beer and beverage filling machinery equipment over the years as follows: small-scale enterprises, enterprise development levels of the state. In recent years, with the rapid development of beer and beverage industry, beer, beverage filling machinery market is developing rapidly, beer, beverage filling machinery manufacturers growing rapidly. Since 2000, beer, beverage filling machinery industry, the emergence of a number of well-known enterprises. Currently, these companies are basically well-known leader in the industry, which accounted for beer and beverage filling machinery market is part of the market share, and is still developing rapidly. Beer, beverage filling machinery industry in China has demonstrated the technical innovation as the core competitiveness of the features. A small number of technology and innovation as the core competitiveness of the industry leaders demonstrated a clear competitive advantage. Future market share will be further concentrated to this part of the business. In addition, beer, beverage filling equipment industry on the growing demand for complete sets of large complete sets of the filling machine manufacturers supply capacity requirements higher and higher, requiring the filling machine into a large-scale industries and enterprises. Demand-driven market, filling machinery industry to scale, industry concentration development. The industry leaders scale development has obvious potential and advantages, beer, beverage filling machinery industry in China will be the direction industry concentration.

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