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Chinese beer beverage filling machinery industry Analysis
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In the filling machine industry, with annual sales of the largest enterprises, but also 4 - 5 billion, on less than 10 billion enterprise. Annual sales of most businesses are still tens of millions, even hundreds, of million level. According to statistics, in 2004, China's beer industry and the beverage bottling industry filling the total market, total only 45 billion industry as a whole a smaller scale. Since the 80's, many state-owned, collective machinery manufacturing enterprises gradually switch into the filling machinery manufacturing industry, they have strong mechanical manufacturing, design capacity, but the lack of filling machinery manufacturing industry expertise and experience. More than 20 years, most enterprises mainly through imitation to development and production of mapping products, new product development is weak, management is also in the lack of innovation. In addition, there are a large number of private enterprises into the industry by market-driven, small scale, lack of expertise and experience. What is more, directly from outside the machinery manufacturing industry jumped into the filling machine manufacturing industry, the technology level and R & D capability is even more weak to. Currently, most enterprises still remain within the industry imitation in the mapping stage, the enterprise is only slightly better digestion and absorption of foreign simple Eight nineties filling machine manufacturing technology. The industry developed a few good companies. Such as: beer filling Nanjing Light Industry Machinery Manufacturing industry in the country with the support of several decades, the introduction of German beer filling technology, self-absorption and an active R & D and innovation in some of the core technology has reached the international advanced level. Beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry Tech-Long, established in 1999, has now become the beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry, leading enterprises, scientific research, re-marketing, streamline the production of the "dumbbell" management model so that the Tech-Long become beverage filling machinery manufacturing industry, a miracle. Overall speaking, the business capital, technology, equipment, power disparities, is a far cry from the management level. Apart from a few companies, most at a lower level of development. Product line is not perfect, poor supply of complete sets of equipment At present, domestic beer and beverage filling machine filling machinery manufacturing industry manufacturing industry on the scale of small enterprises, industrial products, although relatively abundant, but the specific manufacturer limited by the level of development, the product line is not perfect. Most enterprises are mainly small-scale filling equipment parts or in the form of supply of products, able to undertake the entire production line of small businesses. Level due to technical reasons, the poor overall performance of complete sets of equipment. Filling machinery manufacturers in the entire line of research and development, comprehensive strength is limited, some good stand-alone development, but development of Debu perfect equipment, resulting in greatly reduced performance of the entire line. In the high-end market, most companies only individual equipment to user needs; to undertake the project, many vendors are supporting the role of the emergence of the market less competitive. Poor awareness of intellectual property rights, poor research and innovation Lack of filling machinery manufacturing industry awareness of intellectual property. The first performance of independent research and development on new technologies, new products, lack of patent protection awareness; one copy showed wanton plagiarism product technology. In many cases, an enterprise to develop new products hardships, not to apply for intellectual property protection, but hurriedly put on the market, recovery of funds. On the market soon, soon had the equipment imitation appear on the market in a short time the version changes a lot, so difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the user. Developers suffered huge losses, to investigate the responsibility of other generic manufacturers, but also because intellectual property protection did not apply for the final had to let the matter rest. In this case, some adhere to the independent development of the enterprises are also copied into the ranks of the industry to evolve into a chaotic situation copying each other. Filling machinery manufacturing industry in China mainly through the introduction of technology and mapping, developed in imitation of foreign equipment. For decades, such a process has been repeated: behind - the introduction - generic - backward. Currently, R & D capability of enterprises with few, and really master the international advanced level with independent intellectual property core technology is rare. The root causes of this phenomenon is not whether technology should be introduced, should it be imitation, but rather how to properly treat technology development. Our filling machinery manufacturing industry to be established science and technology is the development of the concept of core competence, do not care how much profit can earn today, but should care about how we can better meet the users. When to meet user needs first, users will gradually become more natural, businesses naturally will gradually become larger and stronger. Filling machinery manufacturing industry in China should firmly grasp the needs of the market, active research and development to meet the market demand for technology and products, build their own core competencies.

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