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Vacuum fill installs mechanical development direction analysis
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Vacuum-packed it is to protect a product not to suffer an environment to pollute pack with what prolong the storage life such as food, can improve the value of the product and quality. Vacuum-packed technology traceable 20 centuries 40 time. Since plastic film of polyester, polyethylene applied successfully at commodity to pack 1950, vacuum-packed machine gets developing quickly.

In people life and working domain, various plastic vacuum-packed can be found everywhere. Light, sealed, last, anticorrosive, antirust plastic vacuum-packed pervade to arrive from food medicines and chemical reagents, knitwear, create a lot of field such as metallic processing factory and lab from accurate product. Plastic vacuum-packed application is increasingly wide, drove plastic the development of vacuum-packed machine, also raised taller requirement to its.

Current, when this age bound trend of vacuum-packed technology development basically reflects in the following respects:

Efficient: The manufacturing efficiency of empty packer of tall unripe forthright and sincere yield effect already from minutely number development arrives tens of, heat shapes - fill up - the production of sealing machine can amount to 500 / to divide above.

Automation: The TYP-B series that a company of Japanese produces rotates machines and tools of outfit of fill of vacuum room type has automation rate quite tall multitask. This machine has fill up and vacuumize two revolving stage, fill up revolving stage has 6 industry, finish for bag, cast makings, fill up beforehand till heal sends package to vacuumize revolving stage. Vacuumize revolving stage has 12 industry, namely 12 vacuum room, the vacuumize that finish and heal till finished product output, manufacturing efficiency can amount to cent of 40 bags of / , basically use at packing soft can kind food.

Stand-alone is muti_function: Come true on stand-alone muti_function can enlarge scope of application conveniently. Implementation stand-alone is muti_function must use modular design, pass the commutation of functional module and combination, make the vacuum-packed machine of the different type that applies to the different material that pack, article that pack, requirement that pack. The multitask that the HESSER plant that has representative product to place of German BOSCH company is belonged to produces make bag of vacuum-packed machine, its are made bag, say to weigh, fill up a variety of functions such as vacuumize, heal can be on a stand-alone finish.

Matched stack product line: When the function that compositive product line should need is increasing, centralize all functions on a stand-alone to be able to make a structure very complex, operation maintenance is no-go also. Can assemble a few kinds of machines that photograph of different, efficiency matchs the function at this moment the product line with can more complete success. The fresh fish that develops like French CRACE-CRYOYA and ISTM company, vacuum-packed product line and the textile that Sweden cultivates grand international limited company and development of Swedish spin academy are vacuum-packed the system.
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