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Mix model yoghurt fill installs mechanical equipment to begin popular Europe
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Yoghurt is European necessaries of life, in France, mix model sales volume of yoghurt of 4 couplet cup occupies 30 % , mix model sales volume of yoghurt of 6 couplet cup occupies 10 % , mix model sales volume of yoghurt of 2 couplet cup occupies 20 % .

Company of French An Jile designs plastic heat to shape fill outfit close over is packed muti_function unifinication product line, can produce 8 couplet cup to mix model yoghurt, want a person to be able to be finished on product line only all yoghurt of 4 couplet cup, 6 couplet cup works. Machine of outfit of this kind of fill productivity differs for hour of 5000-9000 cup / .

Food company of Europe likes to use productivity 14, above of hour of 000 cups of / , muti_function high-grade fill is installed in unifinication machine, can machine different and plastic sheet, different product figure, cubage and the cup that join system. Company of French An Jile has 350 muti_function machine of unifinication fill outfit, on the world 30 countries produce l100000000 cup product everyday. In addition, the French dust card, company that seal a letter is leading heat of world food industry to shape muti_function the development production of machine of unifinication fill outfit, but agile, fast change product line configuration, can produce different cup yoghurt, satisfy requirement of different and wholesome standard. It is reported, this company has 2000 equipment to run alive group at present many countries.

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