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Processing technique advances home to give birth to those who produce manufactur
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For better raise quality of labor efficiency, product and control cost, the production industry of domestic consumable and industrial product grows to mechanical automation increasingly. It is international home each treatment and production company of equipment of package machine of package machine " Target=_blank> to create more business chance from this, increase more market demand.

Come from as 9 – will read extensively 11 days in Shanghai new international in July the treatment of the domestic first selection that the center kicks off grandly and grand meeting of major of the technology that pack sponsor an unit border conference exhibits Hua Hanguo (Shanghai) Mr Bojinning of limited company general manager evaluates: "Current exhibit meeting exhibition area ratio to rose 2007 20% , proPakChina becomes the retainer that this industry extended meeting record 2008, at the appointed time company of home of numerous new student comes round to seek newest processing technique. In 90 time evening, there are those foreign traders only in home solely invested or the Chinese-foreign joint venture just can choose banner technology equipment; However, as labour force and raw material price rise ceaselessly, more and more home companies realize wanting competitive even if is the competition of native land market only, the enterprise also must choose newest treatment to reach the technology that pack.

Many 500 company general that comes from 21 countries can bring treatment to pack innovation technology and new thinking to be exhibited this, item on display enclothes dairy produce industry, cosmetic industry, food, recreational food, candied, beer, beverage, fast consumable and industry to make a trade. Those who exceed 40% postpone business this year special reveal the treatment facilities that is aimed at commodity, beverage and dairy produce industry, there is no lack of among them the person above average of the industry: Luck controls machine (Nanjing) limited company, visysFoodTech, , limited company of package machine of German Hai Saiya, GEATuchenhagen, aeroglide, you Suo commerce (Shanghai) limited company, FMCFoodTech, commerce of machinery of A rich case (Shanghai) limited company, power system of fierce automation industry (Shanghai) limited company, shanghai is mixed greatly weighing apparatus limited company, pack equipment limited company only, wei Lan of lukewarm state city is especially light industrial and mechanical limited company, beijing is new limited company of equipment of Electromechanical of can tall division. Lady of appearance of favour of bridge of ProPakChina project assistant inspector general still says: "This year, proPakChina is exhibited can add ginseng of facilities of a lot of treatment newly to postpone business, luck controls machine (Nanjing) limited company, manufacturer of facilities of top-ranking food treatment will be in the whole world the food production line that this company shows to be produced in place of workshop of Hua Dong area in ProPakChina. And exhibit the fresh blood Beijing of the meeting limited company of equipment of Electromechanical of new can tall division also will reveal his newest equipment. " at the same time she returns complement to say: "Classics test becomes ProPakChina all previous to seek the first selection platform that purchases the most advanced treatment to package facility in China. Exhibit every year meeting can attract come from global numerous major to buy the home, because this much postpones business,already joined exhibit several years. Because this much postpones business,already joined exhibit several years..
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