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Beijing beer beverage will be exhibited in September aid the food of Chinese liq
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New technology, new facility, new product -- Beijing China Brew & China Beverage will be mixed in September LiquiTek It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. , aid the provision of Chinese liquid state that pushs small profit period to fall to pack an industry.

Current, the development of industry of liquid state food such as our country beer, beverage, milkings is rapid, to it relevant liquid state provision packed an industry to also enter high speed to develop period. However, global inflation and raw material price rise quickly, already packed an industry to cause tremendous effect to food of Chinese liquid state, food of Chinese liquid state packs an enterprise to seek settlement way urgently.

Will come 27 days on September 24 this year, the 2008 China that in center of exhibition of Beijing China International new house holds (Beijing) exhibition of industry of international beer, beverage (ChinaBrew&ChinaBeverage2008) with exhibition of technology of 2008 international beverage and liquid state food (LiquiTek2008) food of key attention liquid state packs an industry, reveal of all kinds low cost, muti_function, efficient, more of environmental protection package new technology, new facility and new product. Presswork by China the product of Chinese liquid state that group of Hua Yinchuan intermediary holds supplier of famous news service packs the domain that pack large award prize-giving ceremony also is exhibiting the corresponding period to be held ceremoniously, aim to encourage the advanced packing technology that chinese mainland area appears and concept, and the product of sex of the look up before be being had most and industry force is packed.

Energy-saving fall hasten of place of cost general trends

Current, liquid state food packs wants raw material price to rise ceaselessly, profit space is cramped with each passing day, company of liquid state food replaces raw material through searching in succession, raise all sorts of methods such as new technology of equipment efficiency, development to control cost. On this ChinaBrew&ChinaBeverage and LiquiTek exhibition, the mechanical equipment supplier of a lot of food production, treatment, domain that pack and manufacturer comply with market situation, bring of all kinds and energy-saving fall the newest equipment of bad news, the hope buys the home to solve a problem for major directly.

One of exhibition sponsors -- grand of express the idea of Guangzhou of bibcock of company of production of machine of outfit of fill of " Target=_blank> of machinery of outfit of fill of food of domestic liquid state package machine Inc. , will be in of nearly 500 square metre reveal its exhibit to have international inside area the DCGS22 of banner level " blow opportunity of fill an organic whole coming back (Blow-Fill-CapBFC-Block) " , no matter this equipment is from investment cost, or workshop covers an area of an area to wait for each to drop somewhat, and integral efficiency gets ascendant however, those who produce manufacturer by numerous beverage is close look at. This equipment deployed 22 antrum to blow 60 bottle model, fill to hold head of 18 a powerful person, lids coming back, horary to producing the bottled water of 500 milliliter to be able to be amounted to 33, 000 bottles standard is produced can, can finish by stand-alone arrive from bottle base of bottled beverage pack whole process. As a result of the innovation on the technology, reduced wind to send path and bottle washing machine, accordingly installation cost cost will drop, especially of workshop cover an area of an area to reduce amount to 35% . Whole outfit of the fill that blow bottle and close over are finished inside a machine, reduced intermediate segment, integral efficiency also will get 5% right-and-left promotion, at the same time specific power consumption drops considerably, need not pour bottle of water, water treatment system can reduce the output demand of 35% . Whole process is finished in almost sealed space, can reduce alternate pollution, the security that is a product brings reliable safeguard.
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