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Sword Na Chunju rebuilds after travel calamity product fill outfit gets offline
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On August 28 morning, product fill outfit rebuilds to get offline after calamity of group of Sichuan sword Na Chun the ceremony packs a center to be held ceremoniously in ceremonial white spirit. One batch is approved brand-new Na Chun wine begins the sword that pack in succession from heavy disaster area -- Sichuan continous bamboo sends market of each district of past whole nation, the leader awards character of wine of sword Na Chun to detect on the spot related total bureau of national qualitative check certificate of conformity. Chinese wine kind standing vice-chairman holds committee of major of liquor of association of industry of food of the member that current association vice-chairman holds secretary-general Liu concurrently, China concurrently the association leadership such as secretary-general horse brave attended this ceremony.

This is the hour of sex of a mark, adumbrative sword Na Chuncheng is shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River to weigh the oversize company that disaster area restores first times to produce in the round especially, sword Na Chun will still before liquor of stand erect whole nation 3 strong a group of people of same interest.

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