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Beer of initiate of star of Jiangsu new beauty grows furnish tubal fill to have
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Limited company of Xin Meixing package machine devotes oneself to Jiangsu to offer the producer proposal that perfects in the round for factory of beer, beverage from beginning to end, become praise full of sphere of the equipment of domestic and international beer, beverage that pack " all-pervasive player " .
Regard package machine of domestic beer, beverage as the banner supplier of the industry, xin Meixing has technology of home's top-ranking production equipment, production and team of professional technology qualified personnel. The enterprise is had " research center of technology of the project of Jiangsu province liquid that pack " with the national course with only industry of package machine of beer, beverage microbial lab, become Jiangsu to save a focal point company of new and high technology and unit of project of national torch plan.
The beer that this company basically produces at present includes furnish stock: 20 thousand ― product line of 36 thousand bottles of PET bottle beer reachs product line of 40 thousand bottles of vitreous bottle beer, 10 thousand ― equipment of corresponding form a complete set.
As course of study inside get army one of enterprises, xin Meixing took the lead in establishing group of research and development of equipment of furnish of fill of PET bottle beer, aim at international the fill of PET bottle beer of foremost edge installs a technology, classics 30 experiment for many times and improve, the beer that rolls out maturity of Chinese head stage successfully grows equipment of furnish tubal fill and instantaneous pasteurize machine, make PET bottle beer is reduced greatly in the dissolved oxygen after CO2 displacement, the goods shelves that lengthened PET bottle beer period.

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