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Shanghai day dragon grinds one sword 10 years to break situation of forestall of
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Well-known, long-term since, asepsis fill installs a technology all the time by European state monopoly. The whole world is only at present advantageous a few development such as happy, Kang Mei are successful machine of outfit of fill of high speed asepsis. Because these foreign enterprises all use fill to hold machine and asepsis bag capable person,bind the strategy of the sale, market of the data that pack still controls the asepsis that this kind of forestall brought about our country about 95 % in hand of outer look forward to, make the packing cost with dairy produce enterprise resides our country beverage not to fall high all the time, limitted their development badly. If be in the totle drilling cost of Yi interest firm, 40% what the cost that pack holds totle drilling cost actually. Home still is not had to this answer good plan.

Current, long-term since dedicated all the time reach asepsis to pack product research and development at breeding furnish of drink asepsis fill has, produce the Shanghai day that reachs sale service limited company of the dragon asepsis data that pack, in general manager Wu Jianguo guide below, carry the scientific research that comes in high polymer domain and composite material domain for years to accumulate, absorb domestic and international advanced technique extensively, through the own research and development of nearly 10 years of unremitting, successful research and development gave fill of asepsis of food of series liquid state to install machine and relevant whole set to package facility. Especially full automatic the success of TBA7000- Ⅰ appears on the market and investment application broke machine of outfit of fill of high speed asepsis fill of our country asepsis installs a domain by the pattern of foreign enterprise forestall, make asepsis is packed those who realized real significance to go up is homebred change.

The window with the greatest opportunity of outfit of fill of brick of asepsis of TBA7000- Ⅰ high speed is his horary 7000 packets movement speed. Expiration period of product of the milk that produces with its, juice amounts to 8 months. Complete machine basically is installed by asepsis fill, antiseptic with control 3 old systems are formed, use enclosed stainless steel is made, among them, part of fill outfit heal introduces the world the most advanced high frequency solder technology. In addition, this machines and tools has computer to be monitored automatically reach quality of manufacturing whole process to dog automatically system. The system still offers the operation interface that human nature changes, use real time to control systematic software, feeling screen monitor records facility status and data randomly. Have detect automatically, automatic breakdown warning function, each craft parameter and data are automata. Automation rate is high, realize the aseptic manipulation of integral system. Overall want a jockey to be able to be held only accuse. Stability of the online speed of TBA7000- Ⅰ , equipment, quality and exterior but the new-style fill such as as happy as benefit, Kang Mei installs machine photograph to rival, core of certain and crucial technology is configured even excel benefit happy, Kang Mei.
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