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Smoke groundwater bucket of direct fill outfit installs water
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Recently, masses supervises a branch to inform against to our city sanitation, factory of spring of dragon of gold of yellow market town is produced without card and be suspected of selling bucket of sham and popular brand to install water, concern sectional examination to escape, often produce in the late evening. The day before yesterday towards evening 6: 30, cupreous hill sanitation supervises a sanitation to execute the law personnel is in of many branches cooperate to fall, to Jin Longquan water works undertook dash forward check. Execute the law personnel enters plant area workshop to discover, a water pump is doing not have the pump water in the motor-pumped well of any safeguard from. Seeper and silt are everywhere inside the workshop, the pail that awaits fill outfit piles up everywhere, the cistern that cleans empty bucket is already deserted need not. Beside the conduit of motor-pumped well of a direct link, putting the machine of film of lid of empty bucket, bucket, heal, sirocco, polybag that cover a bucket to wait for a series of production tools. Execute the law personnel tells a reporter, this explains this enterprise is draw-out groundwater does not filter through the machine, and undertake manual fill is installed directly. Check discovery, licence of sanitation of this water works has taken off careful from 2006. To its the product undertakes the result of sampling inspection makes clear, its product electrical conductivity unqualified, coliform organisms, coliform group exceed bid badly.

Violate a fact according to above, execute the law personnel undertook sealing up for keeping to its equipment on the spot, to its pail undertook capturing, instruct this enterprise to stop to produce a sale instantly, accept further investigation to handle.

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