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Asepsis fill furnish has and craft is highlighted particularly in market of liqu
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In milkings industry production, choose advanced and reasonable mechanical equipment, measure to ensuring the product is simple, reduce operate and uphold charge, raise the competition ability of dairy produce and economic benefits, the development of stimulative milkings industry and technical progress are very significant. The respect is suckled in the liquid, equipment of furnish of choice asepsis fill and craft appear highlight particularly, but the issue that also is put in type selecting of equipment of form a complete set to reduce operation cost.

Situation of production of milk powder industry falls the design of velar evaporator reachs those who choose a tradition to fall velar evaporator design is through rising steam uses a number (only effect becomes much effect) will achieve energy-saving fall the purpose of bad news. However, the addition that effect counts makes rolled steel bad news measures twice to increase, cost also raises with respect to twice, because conduct heat the limitation of difference in temperature, the addition that effect counts does not exceed 7 effect commonly. Take vapour eject to heat up pump, the double effect that uses hydraulic ejector falls velar evaporator is common fall the design of velar evaporator.

Hot pump is in fall the application in velar evaporator uses machine heat to compress type to heat up pump to compress device to be able to be centrifugal type and cubage type compressor. Compress difference in temperature bigger, control in 11 ℃ commonly, the effect number that this uses machinery to compress type to heat up pump with respect to limitation does not exceed 3 effect at most commonly, to when boiling point lifts taller solution evaporates, be restricted again, and the structure is complex, cost is high, uphold charge tall, power consumption is big, because this machinery compresses type,hot pump applies very few.

Use vapour eject type to heat up type of pump vapour eject to heat up article of pump be similar in shape to spit li of canal, without gearing, construction is simpler, application is more. The pump that take heat and do not take hot pump photograph to compare, can be equivalent to adding one effect.

Use condenser of next door type and water annulus vavuum pump to take hot pump, snake to be in charge of condenser of vavuum pump of annulus of condenser, water to hold crop concurrently to expect intake air heater makes full use of end effect 2 steam quantity of heat, reduce the cost amount that cooling water estimates. The much effect of this kind of configuration falls 2 times vapour condensation is the end effect of velar evaporator the water that is the same as temperature (arise to change only) , next from condenser eduction. Condenser water has very high temperature, and it is soft water, OK and very good favourable geographical position is used. Water annulus vavuum pump evaporator do not coagulate sexual gas reachs a few vapour pump back row to arrive in atmosphere. Safeguard each effect to evaporate to have certain vacuum to spend. With use hydraulic ejector to be compared, amount of cooling water cost, power consumption quantity is inferior. With group of trade of rich and bright milk two model RNJM02-2400 double effect falls velar evaporator is exemple, its evaporate ability is 2400kg/h, form a complete set uses 5.5kw of power of electric machinery of water annulus vavuum pump, cooling water bad news measures 9t/h, enter ℃ of water temperature L0, temperature at discharging condensate 38 ℃ , with with ability hydraulic ejector double effect falls velar evaporator is compared, power reduces 13.5kw, horary managing cooling water 13 tons. Press water supply price 1 yuan / ton, catchment price 0.8 yuan / ton computation, charge of electricity and water quantity can reduce operation cost one year 143391 yuan, can call in 3 years total installation cost.
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