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Limited company of package machine of Jin Rui of green state city
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Limited company of package machine of Jin Rui of green state city is dedicated at bottle kind fill furnish equipment, bag kind the series product research and development such as package machine and water treatment equipment, production, sale, service the omnibus production company at an organic whole.
The bottle that the company produces kind liquid fill installs whole set of equipment to include boiler of stainless steel reaction (custom-built) , the filter, machine that brush bottle, strong (accuse) bottle machine, fill outfit machine (contain fluid, semifluid, ropy substance) , (come back) lid machine, press a place of strategic importance (, all sorts of type apply above extensively in the industry such as drug of water of food, brew, wine, grease, pesticide, animal, chemical industry, product already but thread of form a complete set is used, but stand-alone is operated independently, and can the special requirement according to the client, offer personalized design and its product, in order to satisfy the diversity requirement of the market.
What at the same time the company produces is full automatic the series bag such as body of grain, pink, liquid, semifluid, tablet kind packer also applies to the industry such as drug of pharmacy, food, chemical industry, pesticide, animal, seed extensively in, can finish automatically metric, make bag close, fill up, hit code, cent to cut reach the working procedure such as computation. The product realized unifinication of smooth, machine, report, gas basically but process designing (PLC) intelligence changes programme controll. Automation degree simple, function stabilizes tall, structure, quality is reliable.
Come for years, our company are held to " honest be as good as one's word, quality the first, the user is consummate " management concept, with all cordial the product that offers optimum behavior price to compare for you wholeheartedly and perfect service. Welcome new old client to hang down ask, my company visits presence, directive, negotiate, build more extensive cooperation.
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