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The client needs more agile package machine
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Make society according to German machine equipment (the findings report with newest VDMA) , at present the order of German package machine already fulfil the quota. It is after the sale with long-term course is off-season, the demand that those who make a person gratified is German home picks up apparently, grow ceaselessly. The German food treatment below VDMA banner and general manager of package machine association Mr RichardClemens say: "Apparent, investment reserve of Germany is slower. " although export business to still be in comprehensive and queasy condition, but he still was full of confidence to the state this year. 2005, the exit forehead of German package machine has growth a bit, amount to 4.2 billion euro, he thinks to be able to achieve 4.5 billion euro this year. Since 2000, the yield that Germany has manufacturer of 300 package machine about grew 1 / almost 3. Accordingly, german food treatment and package machine association hope the sale 2006 can occur to improve apparently, this basically is to result from this industry the growth of requirement of a lot of fields, if need to be opposite,the new package in existing IT component or new system undertake compositive, the high flexibility to packaging facility, simplification and the demand with wait for a respect newlier to put forward particular quickly.

   High automation

Advantage of a when European machinery makes main competition is its height automation, can satisfy the requirement of all trades and professions. Food, medicine and cosmetic production business need lesser batch to produce, facilities of the agile fill outfit, production that pack. All sorts of package machine equipment can use design of module type construction, assemble according to need next. This builds a system with respect to the automation compose that needs open type. Because used servo technology, can change software to undertake modification to existing package machine manufacturer through the user, is application not just. The component of different assembly parts is made with means of same musical sound, use same lead plane, but can revise further to the component that is chosen. The development of equipment is mixed experiment period is calculated more easily, can reduce cost lowest so.

In the terminal process that pack, the flexibility of package machine is the most important. Be in at present primary, sub the coping fork-lift truck that in be being packed with 3 class, uses already more and more show its value. This one fork-lift truck basically includes the package such as capture and the product classification plant that set manipulator, product to take makings and likelihood and tray or carton. Coping fork-lift truck can be designed according to the special requirement of the user. Deserve to have scanner on manipulator, can detect the product position on conveyer belt, set its capture suitable paper case next inside.

The TLM package machine that produces by Schuben company seriation is best example. TLM package machine agrees with the product of all sorts of types is packed, the niche that its dominate a system is in the coping of package machine, very easy bring into contact with each functions are unit. TLM package machine can change compressed paper box semifinished product into stereo paper box, collect from conveyer belt next take a product, lay its the worker worker that pack on sealed, whole process accords with market demand entirely. If ask to produce change, TLM package machine has enough flexibility to make corresponding change need actually in order to suit.
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