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Fill of PET coke bottle holds sharp weapon: Denver this frequency control implem
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The jacket of line of all canister outfit that distributings to install a plant at about 22 complete China each Coke Cola canister of big city had countless Denver this VLT series frequency control implement. The character of service of reliable stability makes Denver this transducer gained tremendous reputation for oneself, also won huge increase for the user. In these day and night ceaseless Coke Cola canister holds a line, VLT transducer provided agile and efficient motion performance for each transmission link.

Coke Cola loves with what its unique flavor won world. Be in China, the people favour to Coke Cola with long fill do not decline, coke Cola can calls the first beverage. The person that had not drunk Coke Cola in town dweller should be belonged to infrequent, widely known of it may be said. However, very few somebody knows the manufacturing process of Coke Cola, the Denver that fewer somebody knows to make unknown to public contribute for Coke Cola production this VLT transducer.

The bottle of a PET that graphic representation flow holds a factory for some canister (1.5 plastic bottle) coal tub installs line sketch map:

In this hours of crop 17 Denver were used in all on 15 thousand bottles product line this VLT frequency control implement, carry with Yu Feng force respectively, conveyer belt is carried, wash jar, coal tub outfit reachs close over. The main function of departmental cent reachs flow chart process is as follows:

Bottles of whole machine general desultorily empty bottle is arranged it is opening consistently up, send wind-force to be carried next (by 5 2.2kW centrifugal. Article origin China packs bottle net. Fan section is carried) send bottle washing machine to wash outfit of bottle, canister, close over; Send gush of thermos flask machine to drench hot water canister installs finished product to add by conveyer belt again lukewarm reach the surface to rinse reach prevent exterior knot dew; Send to case machine case via conveyer belt again, the canister that finish installs a process.

In afore-mentioned processes, wash system of outfit of bottle, canister, close over to move for mechanical synchronism, procrastinate by a transducer move; The number at the back of its picks up rice conveyer belt to must move with its synchronism, in case conveyer belt is embraced; Same, the conveyer belt before case machine also needs to move with case machine synchronism.

Of the sale of busy season market of Coke Cola often make coal tub installs a line to be in full load day and night to run greatly in order to satisfy the need of the market. Accordingly, systematic dependability will affect the crop of the user directly, production value of afore-mentioned product line day and night are 15 thousand × about 2.5 × 24=90 10 thousand yuan of RMBs. The gigantic disaster that sees loss of stop production of day of its busy season bears with your enterprise. Undoubted, denver this VLT transducer provided the strongest quality and technical safeguard for the production of Coke Cola.
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